Story 19 | Honeymooning Couple

Marcos & Mili (@panamericanbus)


Marcos and Mili are an Argentinian couple who fell in love with vanlife in 2015 when traveling the east coast of Australia. It was the simplicity of this lifestyle that resonated so deeply with them; the uncertainty of where they would sleep or wake up, the ability to live life without a set schedule, the stunning landscapes and all of the friendly people they met along the way.

Two years later, the couple is now on their honeymoon traveling from California to Argentina by bus. After arriving in California they immediately began searching for their dream home on wheels. When they saw the van on craigslist, it was love at first sight. Originally fire engine red, the duo decided to paint the van a cool turquoise blue--a vibe that resonated with their deep love of salty water and sandy toes.

Since then they’ve seen Arizona, Nevada, the Grand Canyon and traveled down the coast of California where they crossed to Baja, eventually arriving on mainland Mexico where they are currently traveling. 

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Their favorite parts of reformed life? Although the stunning landscapes and great surf are hard to beat, the best part has been all of the amazing people they’ve shared experiences with along the way.

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Follow Mili and Marcos on their adventures in Mexico and across Latin America @panamericanbus.

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