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Tim & Sam (@tiffany_the_tiny_home)


Tim and Sam live in a tiny house in Sarasota, Florida and wouldn’t have it any other way.  Their journey began originally as a pipe dream, but transformed to reality when they decided to live together but also agreed they did not want to pay rent.

With the high cost of entry to a traditional house, the couple began discussing other options - living tiny. The more they talked, they realized this move made a lot of sense and fell within their values; less space, more use of their home, more time and money for the things they love to do. 

Their mind was set but they quickly realized they did not have the time and means to build on their own, so they found a local builder —Adam from “A New Beginning Tiny Homes”. After touring a few the homes he had built, they decided he was their man, and moved forward with their home on wheels now named “Tiffany the Tiny Home”.

Since the completion of Tiffany, Tim and Sam have found a new sense of freedom - far beyond anything they could possible own. “There is nothing wrong with cherishing physical belongings, but the minimalist mindset we have adopted makes us appreciate everything we have much more than we did. Since I own so little, each item is precious.” The couple has also found new freedom financially as they are not tied to a 30 year mortgage and find that they shop less. “We live for now more, we enjoy life and each other more.” Tiny an Sam have also found that they are able to travel more due to the lower cost of their bills. 

The couple has retained their jobs in sales and health/personal training and are adamant that this lifestyle can work for anyone, not just farmers or nomads. 

Follow Tim and Sam and their life in a tiny house @tiffany_the_tiny_home or at their website

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