The year-round indoor species

Summer brings us warmth, more light and longer days ... a new opportunity to spend more time outside.

But for many of us we still remain locked in; our jobs, our homes, our cars....our comfort. In fact, Americans average 95% of life inside - a symptom of our "connected" life.

Well, if life is all about balance, its clear the majority of us are lacking. We spend more time in a day in front of our screens than we do in a week outside - the place we evolved from.  

So, last month I tried to create a shift - by trading all my time on social media for time outside & unplugged. I quickly found that I felt happier, healthier, more creative. I also found that nature is scientifically proven to do exactly this. We just need to find more time to embrace it.

Its a daily battle, but helpful to our being. If you are looking for help or just want some motivation, subscribe to this blog & join us with the #20hrsoutside challengeWe hope to see you out there!

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