Story 4 | Overland Wanderers

Pete and Natasha (@hereuntilthere)


While Pete and Natasha may not consider their road trip through Central and South America as the trip of their lifetime, they do consider it - the beginning of their reformed life. The couple's journey began when they realized they could not explore the world the way they they wanted to -- in two week vacation increments. So they began taking longer trips and ultimately spent several months exploring the U.S. and SE Asia. While on a leg of the trip in Laos, they rented a motorcycle for a month and aimlessly wandered. The freedom they experienced that month completely transformed their ideas on the possibilities of travel.  So -- as soon as they got home, they began planning their first extended overland/road trip.


In planning their descent, they chose to go from Tennesee to Argentina in a truck with a pop up camper, so they could go virtually anywhere with a cozy indoor living space that felt like home. 16 months later -- and still on the road south, the couple feels that they have learned much about themselves and the places they've visited. One of their biggest learnings -- the countries south of the border are much more than what sensationalized media chooses to tell. They're filled with kind, generous people who have welcomed the couple with open arms. 


By living minimally in a small space --  the couple has a new, keen awareness on their resources and how much waste they produce. The lifestyle affords them the opportunity to slow down, spend most of their time outdoors and live life at a more leisurely pace, which in turn has made them happier, healthier people. They don't work remotely, so at some point they plan to return home to replenish their bank account before starting their next overlanding adventure. They know it's a small price to pay to continue to pursue their dream of extended exploration. 


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