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Juliana & Richmond (@homesweetvan)


United from a love of travel and adventure, Julianna and her boyfriend Richmond combined their shared dreams of an epic road trip adventure into one, when they decided to build a home on wheels together just 4 short months into dating one another. Their "decision" ultimately became a reality when one day Richmond showed up at Julianna's office with an empty Sprinter Van and his name on the title. 


The van Richmond picked up was 2002 Sprinter Van with approximately 170,000 miles on it. They got it for $12,000 and put about $10,000 more into the van to make their home on wheels into a minimal, wood paneled oasis. As part of the build they incorporated solar power, a roof deck, a custom bed lift, porthole windows and a number of other features as solutions to problems and comfort. Designed for their life, their build has become an essential tool to keeping them mobile and pursuing their dreams -- climbing, backpacking, hiking, and surfing.


Now armed with over 120,000 followers and still traveling happily a year later, Juliana and Richmond now spend their time in the moment and enjoy each other, without having to stress about what happens next. These two are proof that when you follow your dreams, magic happens.  


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