Story 16 | Transplanted Photographers

Harriet and Dan (@carpenteringram)


Dan and Harriet worked hard to make their dream life a reality. While Harriet was finishing university, Dan worked an uninspiring full time job to save money, at times working 16 hours per day. After Harriet finished her A-levels they flew to Australia and began living their dream. 

Their main desire? Traveling the world on a budget; van life was the obvious solution. After landing in Perth, they settled on purchasing a VW van because Dan and his father had experience with them. Converting the van on their own meant they could fully engage in the creative process, while saving a significant amount of money.

Both Dan and Harriet are photographers, so they knew they needed flexibility when traveling. By not subscribing to schedules of planes, trains and busses they choose their own path; allowing their creativity to flow. Traveling with equipment is also far less of a headache for the pair, who enjoy having complete control over its storage and safety. Although photographers by profession, the duo has another creative entrepreneurial outlet they’re excited to embark on--converting vans into campervans. “We got such a massively positive response to our current conversion, and that has made us want to share the joy that it's brought us,” explained Harriet.

This journey has taken them all over Australia. Their recommendations? For unbelievable snorkeling they suggest Ningaloo Reef because of its extreme accessibility. For beautiful swimming holes, huge waterfalls and breathtaking gorges visit Karijini National Park and for those who enjoy life on the edge, they suggest climbing the Bicentennial Tree; the highest original fire lookout tree in Australia.

Vanlife opened the couple’s eyes to the thousands of people across the globe who are living and loving a reformed, nomadic lifestyle. Throughout their travels they’ve been inspired by the kind, open minded adventurers who happily share stories their experience of life on the road. The couple has also learned the power of manifestation. “We now know that if we want something enough, we can just reach out and get it. There’s nothing stopping us from living our lives exactly how we want to.”

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