Story 15 | Environmental Stewards

Alexis & Brian (@living_the_tiny_dream)


For Alexis and Brian, life in a tiny home means more financial well-being, less environmental impact and the ability to be mobile. Before settling on a tiny home, they spent time in a variety of tiny living abodes. By experiencing tiny living in a 300 sq foot apartment, a camper trailer and a few tiny homes they were able to get a feel for what they needed for their permanent tiny life. 

Financial stability was a major draw for the couple who are both paying off student debt. It’s been just over three months now and they’ve already seen dramatic savings. “I’m hoping that by living as minimally as we can, we’ll be able to pay off our debt faster, saving us money. We still have the benefits of owning our home without the worry and complications of a mortgage,” explained Alexis.

The couple love the outdoors and consider themselves environmental stewards. Transitioning to a tiny home was a way in which they could live their true to their beliefs. When it comes to climate change, their desire is to be part of the solution. Neither of the duo were interested in a large foundation home because of the large environmental footprint these homes have. 

Alexis and Brian save an average of $400.00 per month--but money isn’t the only thing they’re saving. The amount of water they’ve been saving is dramatic. Having a tiny home means no flushing toilet, no lawn to water, no dishwasher and no bathtub. “It makes me feel good to know that I’m contributing, even in a small way, to the solution of the water shortage problem,” says Alexis. She promises us that composting toilets are not as scary as people might think they are; we agree with her.

The ability to be mobile was also an important factor to consider for the couple, who have never lived in one location for more than two years. A tiny home on wheels was the perfect solution; it’s the best of both worlds. 

The couple spend most of their free time outdoors and enjoy adventuring in the beautiful state of Washington that they call home. “We have a TON of outdoor hobbies, from backpacking, hiking, snowboarding, scuba diving, mountain biking, you name it,” says Alexis, when explaining how they chose their tiny home on wheels. This meant sacrificing some living space for storage space but the couple have no regrets. Another special feature in their tiny home is the “larger” than average kitchen. “I have more room in this kitchen and it flows better than the one in our old foundation house,” remarks Alexis happily. She loves spending time indoors baking on cold winter days. 

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