Story 12 | Adventurous Couple

Ben and Mande (@fernthebus)


Life on the road means vivid and memorable experiences; sunny days spent paddleboarding on Lake Michigan, fly-fishing in the backcountry of Yellowstone, and hiking in the crisp mountain air of Montana (just to name a few). These moments are what life is all about for Ben and Mande Tucker. 

Although they are both adventurous spirits, Ben and Mande found themselves living daily routines with a common goal: to establish financial security. After a few years of this they realized that time was whirring past them and they had virtually no recollection of where it was going. After this realization, change was imminent. Their fervent desire to live life with a heightened sense of awareness through travel and experience meant a little reformation was in order. 

“Comfort can lead to complacency, but adventure is deliberate.” Ben explained, when we spoke about why he and Mande chose life on the road. “Taking life on the road is our way of breaking out of habits and shifting momentum in a new direction.” Through their travels, both Mande and Ben have learned the beauty of going with the flow and now always leave wiggle room when planning their travels. Although they sometimes want to make reservations or stick to a set plan, they’ve found that beautiful and amazing adventures happen when they allow for spontaneity. Ultimately, releasing control or the need to stick to a set plan is important regardless of the “type” of life one leads. “Research..but write [your plans] in pencil. Keep the eraser in hand and be ready to embrace a change.”

Life in a school bus is a creative process. Fern is always in a perpetual state of flux. “Since we built everything with our own two hands, we know her ins and outs and are capable of giving her little renovations whenever needed. We love that Fern continues to be our blank canvas.” Life with Fern has also given the couple a new sense of optimism. People are drawn to approach them and they find themselves getting to know people they may not have engaged with otherwise. Fern is definitely a unique talking point that people want to know more about. “Everywhere [we go] people have been warm, kind and hospitable.” 

Mandee, Ben and Fern are excited for their future adventures. They’re headed to Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Glacier National Park and Banff. Follow their adventures @fernthebus

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