Story 13 | Designers and Builders

Tommy and Mackenzie (@longroadtonowhere)


Tommy and MacKenzie are a recently engaged couple who own and operate their own design and build company, live and travel in their reformed sprinter and spend their free time exploring the wonder of the outdoors.


Tommy grew up outside of Chicago, Illinois and Mackenzie in Pasadena, California. Their reformed life began after they grew tired of life in LA. Builders and designers by profession, their careers meant they were on the road a lot. After a short stint traveling in a van from LA to Austin for a build at South by Southwest, they realized van life was a great way for them to enjoy living a minimalist lifestyle while saving money. Undecided about where they wanted to live permanently, they decided that life on the road was the ultimate way to continue exploring until they found their dream location. 


Building out a van was a gratifying and creative process for the duo. Their home on wheels is fully solar with a fridge, fan, running water and inverter. Its gorgeous interior includes custom woodwork and used recycled denim batting for insulation. The 2’ lift ensures that they can get wherever they need to without 4WD. Outfitting their sprinter was the perfect way to create a prototype for future builds. “We'd love to build another one that's designed around another person's needs and particularities so they can enjoy this life too.”


The couple regularly expresses gratitude about how fortunate they are to live their dream. Life in the sprinter has helped them realize how little they actually need to be happy. Their priorities have shifted and they’ve learned to work through the hard days because the good days are worth all of it.


The pair love mountain biking, climbing, running and seeking out the best swimming holes and hot springs. Follow Mackenzie, Tommy and their pup, Banjo @longroadtonowhere

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