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Tim & Hannah (@doradical)


Although they grew up 3,000 miles apart, both Tim and Hannah’s childhood were spent enjoying the outdoors. Tim’s weekends were spent camping with his family in the Sacramento Valley, while Hannah spent her time sailing off the coast of Maine. During her first family snowboarding trip to Sugarloaf, Hannah got a taste of the mountains and sailing became secondary. This love of fresh powder and mountain living brought them together in Mount Hood, Oregon, where they first met.  

For Hannah and Tim, reforming their lives was a no brainer. After realizing they spent the majority of their time in search of good snow, waves and skateparks they decided to simplify and convert their lifestyle into a mobile one. Financial freedom was another big draw for them. “We’ve seen how much stress money can cause and how it caused us to sacrifice the things we love to do. We wanted in control of our lifestyles and choices.” Tim turned his passion for snowboarding into a career and Hannah did the same with her passion for art. 

Their home on wheels has gone through many transformations over the years. Their initial set up was a simple one: they slept in the back of their Subaru. Then came the classic pick up truck with a camper shell and wood framed sleeping platform in the back, followed by an upgrade to a pop up camper. After deciding to make a truck their more permanent home, they hopped on craigslist with a set of criteria. The rig of their dreams needed to be insulated and warm with minimal condensation so that they could chase storms. With the availability of biodiesel they searched for a diesel truck with a strong motor and 4x4 to navigate the challenging terrain of the mountains. After spending some serious time searching they found what they were looking for--a classic 1994 Ford Powerstroke. They added the finishing touches (a wood stove and aluminum flatbed) and their dream set up was complete. 

Hannah and Tim’s adventures have taken them from Baja Mexico to Orca’s Island, Washington and every mountain range in between. Free time, free mountain views and free oceanfront property are the cherries on top when it comes to life on the road for Hannah and Tim. 

Stay tuned for their latest project, a split board focused book, due out fall 2018. The profits from this project will raise money for Protect Our Winters. You can check out their latest adventures on instagram @doradical. 

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