Story 29 | Dream makers

Jolie & Mark (@thewayoverland)


Jolie and Mark are a couple from the East Coast of Australia who are chasing their pipe dream - to drive around the world in their converted Troopcarrier.  


They began their adventure when they realized they had reached a position in life where it was either a “normal" path (with travel later) or an alternative one - to follow their dream now. They decided to pursue their dream and resigned from their good career jobs - where Jolie was a Building Designer and Mark worked in Construction Management to chase their adventure on the road.


Wanting to stay remote and off the beaten track - they needed a vehicle that could take them anywhere with confidence while providing a comfortable living space in all weather conditions. For that, they chose a Troopy for its reliability, off-road capabilities and interior space. This model is also one of only a handful of vehicles that could receive the roof conversion they wanted. With the roof conversion completed - the interior allows them space similar to a van - inside a full size 4wd.


Since leaving their home in Perth - the couple has spent three and a half months travelling all over the West Coast of Australia, exploring the red centre before arriving in the 'Top End’ - free camping with a leave no trace approach. Now, they will ship the car to Timor-Leste where they will spend the next few years driving through Indonesia, South East Asia, India, China, the Stans, Iran and Europe. They are thinking about adding an American or African leg of the trip, but that still has yet to be determined. 


Jolie and Mark feel humbled and rewarded knowing everything they need to live is literally within arms reach. They do admit that there was an adjustment period after they left - which involved coming to the realization that their pace of life had changed. They now have the time to enjoy and appreciate the smaller things knowing all they need - is to be right where they are.


They currently do not intend to work while on the road as they saved hard prior to their departure - making sacrifices and missing out on little things. The couple encourages those who follow a similar path of free camping to respect the environment, and take your rubbish with you and leave it how you found it!

For more of Jolie and Mark, follow their adventures @thewayoverland

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