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Aline (@alinebock)


In July 2017 Aline Bock moved her belongings into storage and began a new life on the road. A professional snowboarder and avid adventure seeker, Bock has dedicated the next year of her life to seeking outdoor experiences across western Europe in a surf van provided to her from Sunlight - a conversion/RV company she is am ambassador for. 


Bock craves travel, the outdoors and new expieriences. Whether it’s the mountains or at the ocean, she wants to be around other adventure seekers with the same passion for sports, nature and the environment. 


She credits her adventurous spirit to her family, explaining that since infancy her parents spent time seeking exciting sports adventures. She followed suit, becoming a professional snowboarder and was crowned the Freeride World Tour Champion in 2010. Although she has been snowboarding for over 20 years, her love of surfing is what fuels most of her travel today.

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An ambassador for Sunlight, she is one of the lucky few traveling in their new Sunlight Surf Van and has extensive travel plans over the course of the next few months. Her adventures began in South Germany and continued through Denmark, Sweden and Norway. In September she is headed to Scotland and Ireland for sunny days and epic surf swells. After her time there, she will follow the sun and warm weather to Spain and Portugal.


For Bock, van life provides ultimate freedom and the pursuit of something wild and new; travel without restraint or regret. From time to time she faces nerves about her year on the road but has faith that she will find meaning and joy in the obstacles she encounters along the way. When she gets nervous she remembers her favorite quote, “everything happens for a reason, good things fall apart, so better things can fall together.”


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