Story 41 | NAW-land-ers

Dustin & Noami




Dustin and Noami were both working typical 9-5 jobs in New Orleans, living an unfulfilling life of consumerism and redundancy.   They found themselves wanting more.

"One day we woke up and realized all the things we had were not bringing us happiness, most of it had no real value to us. We knew we needed to simplify our lives in order to find what we were seeking," says Dustin.


They were both drawn to the nostalgia of Volkswagen vans and liked that the vans are equipped with everything they would need for life on the road.  In addition, they've added a solar panel, solar shower, a toolbox (because old VW's need TLC), and a rooftop box for outdoor gear.


Noami and Justin have traveled across the U.S. and have spent a lot of time on the west coast, from Washington state down to Baja, Mexico.  "We've learned that we don't need to have every step of our lives figured out.  Leaving room for spontaneity has brought some amazing experiences and some really interesting and inspiring people into our lives," says Dustin.


To maintain their lifestyle, they both work freelance gigs online, Dustin as a construction estimator and Noami as a teacher.  The couple is constantly experimenting and redefining what is valuable to them.  Their journey towards minimalism has been life-changing.  Dustin has found a passion for motorbikes and surfing (yew!).  Noami has been able to pursue her passion for photography and storytelling.


Noami and Dustin chose to reform their lives because they were seeking more.  Overall they've learned that creating the life they want to live is better than settling for someone else's idea of happiness.


The couple is currently bringing new meaning to their minimalist lifestyle backpacking through south-east Asia.


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David Walden