Story 7 | Surf, Snow and BMX Couple

Ant & Becky (@hymerlife)


Inspired from a backpacking trip through Australia, Ant and Becky decided to reform their life and take advantage of having all of Europe at their doorstep, being from England. To accommodate their vision -  the couple saved incrediblly hard for several years and eliminated investments in things for a new experience to live mobile - snowboarding, hiking, surfing & BMXing along the way. 

The two decided on a 1996 Fiat Ducato Hymer as their mobile home, from a desire for more space after spending  years in a smaller van that lacked the luxury of standing up when cooking. Since then have converted it into a cozy home on wheels with plenty of power, a tidy bathroom with hot shower, LPG powered facilities and comfortable lounging/sleeping areas.  The couple have used this van as their tiny home for over 3 years and have been able to sustain their lifestyle on the road by working to a daily budget and finding times to jump back into work as necessary. 

Through their time on the road the two have traveled all throughout Europe and Morocco, through the west coast of France, across Northern Spain and into Portugal discovering some of the most amazing spots to explore and pursue their passions in sport and life.  Reforming their life has allowed them to spending more time doing what they love and creating memories that will last a lifetime. 

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