41 | NAW-land-ers

Dustin and Noami were both working typical 9-5 jobs in New Orleans, living an unfulfilling life of consumerism and redundancy.   They found themselves wanting more. (... Read More)

40 | Civil engineer

Two years ago, Chris Kulish was stuck in Pennsylvania traffic; stuck on the east coast (he'd never ventured anywhere else); stuck in his first real job; stuck in a cubical on the (... Read More)

39 | Co-Pilots

Megan was commuting 3+ hours a day to work in Silicon Valley at Facebook's Head Quarters, then putting in 10-14 hours a day leading a Direct Response (... Continue Reading) 

38 | Architects

Eric and Joana are both architects and engineers from Marseille in the south of France.  They met ten years ago as young students, graduated, (... Continue Reading) 

37 | Musician & Yoga Teacher

Gabriella and Sandro were both working a lot in the media business in Zurich, Switzerland. Gabriella worked as a journalist and Sandro was the head of (... Continue Reading)

36 | Cultural Anthropologist 

Michael Fuehrer was in his final year as a graduate student studying Cultural Anthropology when he first realized that less is more.  He wrote his  (... Continue Reading)

35 | Homesteaders

Not too long ago, Brett, a Seattle native, and Natasha, who grew up in the Canadian Rockies, were living in an awesome apartment near the beach in West (... Continue Reading)

34 | Minimal Millennials

Aubrey is a SoCal girl from L.A. and Christian is a Texan from Austin.  They met while in school, quickly becoming friends due to their mutual obsession with travel.  (... Continue Reading)

33 | Nature Photographer 

Adam Smith grew up in a big, Mid-western family that didn't have a ton of resources.  He spent most of his young adult life working to try and make up for what  (... Continue Reading)

32 | Idle Theorists

For the past five years, Kit and J.R. have been traveling the American road full-time in their 1976 VW Bus named, Sunshine, camping in deserts and forests, (... Continue Reading)

31 | Architecture Students

Sam and Ryan are two friends who recently graduated as Architecture students from the University of Cincintatti, Ohio and are on a trip of a lifetime in a school  (...Continue Reading)

30 | Mobile Homeowner

Jamie is a 26 year old from Leeds, England who chose to live out of his van to escape his career path and monotonous life. His adventure to a (... Continue Reading)

29 | Dream Makers

Jolie and Mark are a couple from the East Coast of Australia who are chasing their pipe dream - to drive around the world in their converted Troopcarrier.  (...Continue Reading)

28 | Entrepreneurs 

Tiff, Joe and their two pups Tink & Slash are building their businesses as they make their way through the 48 contiguous states, Canada and Mexico. Their  (... Continue Reading)

27 | Wandering Apothecary

Originally from Ottawa, Mark and Raphaelle met four years ago while in Vancouver. Both Mark and Raphaelle sought livelihoods that gave them the ability (... Continue Reading)

26 | Free Spirit 

After living in her apartment for eleven years, Muller found herself overwhelmed and nauseated by the amount of stuff she owned. Feeling the weight of  (...Continue Reading)

25 | Professional Snowboarder 

In July 2017 Aline Bock moved her belongings into storage and began a new life on the road. A professional snowboarder and avid adventure seeker, Bock (... Continue Reading)

24 | Muscian and Carpenter

Kyle is a musician, carpenter, photographer and outdoor enthusiast who lives full time out of his school bus conversion that runs 100% on vegetable oil. He (... Continue Reading)

23 | Burning Man Sweethearts

Nick and Jessica are a couple who recently moved from Lake Tahoe, Nevada into their tiny home on wheels built inside of a school bus. Their journey  (... Continue Reading)

22 | Designers & Photographers

Mary (MAK) and Owen are designers, illustrators, animators, photographers, and the team behind Bound For Nowhere. They've been living and working  (...Continue Reading)

21 | Entreprenuerial Family

Jace and Giddi are a married couple who met in Arizona 5 years ago and began dating shortly thereafter. Early on, they both confessed their plans to (... Continue Reading)

20 | Logical Lovers

Tim and Sam live in a tiny house in Sarasota, Florida and wouldn’t have it any other way.  Their journey began originally as a pipe dream, but transformed to ( ... Continue Reading)

19 | Honeymooning Couple

Marcos and Mili are an Argentinian couple who fell in love with vanlife in 2015 when traveling the east coast of Australia. It was the simplicity of this lifestyle that ( ... Continue Reading)

18 | Passionate Wanderers 

Meet Sabrina and Jimmy Horel--the couple behind @wandxrbus. Sabrina and Jimmy quit their jobs in construction and finance and now travel across the US ( ... Continue Reading)

17 | French Restauranteurs 

Mickael, Coralie and their dog Hendrix are a couple from Paris, France - who gave it all up after feeling incomplete from their "successful" business, apartment  ( ... Continue Reading) 

16 | Transplanted Photographers 

Dan and Harriet worked hard to make their dream life a reality. While Harriet was finishing university, Dan worked an uninspiring full time job to save money, at  ( ... Continue Reading)

15 | Environmental Stewards 

For Alexis and Brian, life in a tiny home means more financial well-being, less environmental impact and the ability to be mobile. Before settling on a tiny home,  (... Continue Reading)

14 | Professional Firefighter

David Kent lives in a beautiful tiny home in Santa Cruz, California. At 6 feet, three inches, he might just be the last person you’d expect to find living in a tiny ( ... Continue Reading)

13 | Design and Builders

Tommy and MacKenzie are a recently engaged couple who own and operate their own design and build company, live and travel in their reformed sprinter and  (... Continue Reading)

12 | Adventurous Couple

Life on the road means vivid and memorable experiences; sunny days spent paddleboarding on Lake Michigan, fly-fishing in the backcountry of  (... Continue Reading)

11 | Family Businessman and Photographer

Dean was born and raised outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. His interest in creating a functional and private space stemmed from a mixture of his past experiences.  ( ... Continue Reading) 

10 | Radical Roamers 

Although they grew up 3,000 miles apart, both Tim and Hannah’s childhood were spent enjoying the outdoors. Tim’s weekends were spent camping with  ( ... Continue Reading)

9 | Van Builder 

After throwing some cardboard and a sleeping bag into the back of his 4 Runner for a camping trip to Colorado – Texas native, Brett, became intrigued with t( ... Continue Reading)

8 | Passionate Explorers

During travels on his motorcycle through Romania, Simone met Lucia – where he became instantly connected to her through their shared passion to ( ... Continue Reading)

7 | Surf, Snow and BMX Couple

Inspired from a backpacking trip through Australia, Ant and Becky decided to reform their life and take advantage of having all of Europe at their ( ... Continue Reading)

6 | Traveling Duo

Atticus and Lina's love of traveling began when they studied abroad in Europe during college. They were set on visiting Amsterdam and Berlin, so they (... Continue Reading)

5 | Surf Resort Founder 

Dan is not someone who sought out van life, it kind of found him through convenience. In 2011 he took a surf trip to Liberia, West Africa and that experience  ( .... Continue Reading)

4 | Overland Wanderers

While Pete and Natasha may not consider their road trip through Central and South America as the trip of their lifetime, they do consider it - the beginning of their ( ... Continue Reading)

3 | Travel and Adventurers

United from a love of travel and adventure, Julianna and her boyfriend Richmond combined their shared dreams of an epic road trip adventure into one, ( ... Continue Reading)

2 | Endurance Athlete

Driven from a passion to be mobile and remote --  Tim reformed his life from a relentless pursuit to live out of his van and retain his sales job at a software  ( ... Continue Reading)

1 | Inspired Surfer

Reform Life started from a lifelong dream of owning a VW Van, which ultimately became true when I finally bought my 1980 VW Vanagon Westfalia, ( ... Continue Reading)