Goal Zero Yeti 400



This portable battery and inverter allows you to quietly live off the grid - in luxury.


3 Charging Options

Built for the ultimate on the go lifestyle, the Goal Zero Yeti 400 is easy to keep charged; via solar, the wall (AC) , or a car (DC). With the 100 watt solar panel I have on my van, my Yeti 400 can charge fully in one day of sunlight. When traveling in my truck, I charge the Yeti off the car and I plug it in my house when preparing for a trip.


Large Battery

Equipped with 33Ah (33,000 mAH) this battery allows you to handle whatever you throw at it.  Charge a laptop 3-5 times, a tablet, 10+ times, your smart phone 30+ times or a headlamp 100 times. Keep your camp covered and powered.

7 Outputs & LED Display

With plenty of charge out options, its easy to stay charged anytime anywhere. Each Yeti 400 includes 2 AC outlets (wall outs), 2 USB outets, and 3 DC (12 Volt outlets). On a typical day in my van, I'll run a Dometic Fridge, charge a Macbook, and an iPhone - simultaneously. To monitor battery status, the Yeti has an integrated display showing  inputs and outputs in Watts.


Compact and Carry-able 

With an overall size similar to a car battery at 10.25" x 8" x 8" and a net weight of 29 lbs, the Yeti 400 can be easily moved and find its home just about anywhere. Simply pick it up with its integrated carry handle, and plug in wherever your journey leads you.

Final Thoughts

"A Goal Zero Yeti 400 is go to must have piece of equipment that keeps my adventures fueled for work, photographing, staying cool and more. It makes any small space feel like home and keeps you powered."

The Goal Zero Yeti 400 retails for $459.99. Other sizes are also available. For more information visit goalzero.com