Dometic CFX40 Fridge/Freezer


This durable, efficient fridge will keep your food and drinks cold - indefinately. 


Compact & Lightweight

For our purposes, we use the Dometic CFX 40. It is surprisingly lightweight - only a little bit heavier than the cooler I owned previously. It fits flush behind Shaggie's (VW Vanagon) passenger seat but also comes in a variety of sizes to ensure a perfect fit for any application, whether that be a trailer, conversion van, RV, boat or tiny home. 

Solar Efficient & Quiet

Depending on the outside temperature when the fridge is cooling, it will pull about 60W  until it reaches your desired temperature. Once at it's desired temperature, the fridge burns about 4W, and turn back on when needed, which is not often. With my setup (a Goal Zero Yeti 400 and a 100W Solar Panel) this fridge will run indefinitely in sunny summer days. I am looking to add another panel for when its less sunny to stay powered. 

Large Storage Compartment

When  you are on the road, its nice to still have cold food and drinks. This fridge can fit a lot of both, whatever you're looking to throw at it. Given it is powered, I have a new appreciation for the added space that is not occupied by ice. I've fit bread, salads, fruit, sandwiches, eggs, and an 18 pack of cold ones with plenty of space to spare. 

Temperature Controls & USB Out

The Dometic CFX40 includes a simple to use interface, that allows you to set your fridges temperature to whatever your heart desires, whether that be frozen or just cold enough. On the front, it also includes a USB outlet, which ends up being a nice outlet while on the go for charging.  It also includes a Wifi App so you can control temperature from your phone, but the integrated controls work just fine as well. 

Final Thoughts

"A Dometic fridge is a total game changer to making your wheels feel like home. Set the temperature to whatever feels right, and keep your food and drinks ice cold. Keep yourself refreshed for any adventure."

The CFX40 retails for $749.99. For more information and sizes visit