Barebones Forest Lantern



This durable, lithium ion rechargeable lantern provides warm light and a USB charge out for other electronic accessories. 


4-80 hours of warm light

With a knob for controlling its light output, the Barebones Forest lantern can illuminate from 4 hours (at max output of 325 lumens) to 80 hours (at its lowest output). In our typical use, we use our lantern near its lowest setting, which keeps our adventures lit for a week or more. The Forest lantern also includes a simple 4 light level indicator for status on battery level.

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Durable and carry-able

With the bulb enclosed in a cage, the Forest lantern can take a beating and stay lit. It includes a convenient carry handle and a small loop to hook to anything. We've dropped this lantern a few times and haven't had an issue. 

USB output

An included USB output provides backup power for other electronic accessories while you may be away from your home base. Its 2 large 8W batteries, allow you to charge your phone and keep the light glowing.


Integrated USB charging input

Be ready to charge your lantern whenever and wherever, with a built in USB charging input that nests in the bottom of the lantern. You'll forget its even there! 

Final Thoughts

"A Barebones Forest Lantern is a timeless light fixture with today's technology, like a rechargeable lithium ion battery, charging output and integrated charging cables. Always be ready whenever you need light."

The Barebones Forest Lantern retails for $49.99. For more information visit