For many of us, our days are busy - running from one thing to the next. Being productive, completing tasks, doing what we are supposed to do.

We find ourselves in an endless pursuit of whats next; a cycle of waking, eating, driving, working, meeting, social media, shopping, sleeping...  Simply stated, we get caught in monotony, mindless "productivity", and consumption but we must remember - our most precious asset is our time, not our money. If we are not mindful, our time will fly right by us and our dreams of "some day" will be never.

So we must break the cycle and invest time in conversing with ourselves by journaling about our life & priorities; our happiness, health, relationships, passions. When we write our thoughts down; they materialize, becoming tangible and understandable instead of scattered in our busy brains.  The more we challenge ourselves to do this, the better we understand what is important to us, helping us build a path to contentment with our time being spent on what matters most.

So how will you invest your time? What conversations will help you become intentional with your time?

Reform Life