Reform grew out of the lessons learned from a VW Westfalia and finding comfort outside. 

This comfort pushed us outside our comfort -  causing us to reflect on the inherit joy received from spending more of life outside.  But it also uncovered a larger epidemic of modern society, as the average American spends less time outside in a week than they do in a single day in front of a screen. 

So we embarked on a journey to spend more of life outside & unplugged, by embracing the principles of minimalism and focusing on starting a small business dedicated to redefining our comfort by helping find it outside. Since, we've realized that it is an important aspect to a healthy lifestyle and are dedicated to it. 

Our values reflect this journey and our creations were designed to inspire that same connection to the outdoors. We donate our time, efforts and 1% of our profits to social & environmental organizations who aid in our reform. We also continually work to reduce the impact of developing our products, and encourage recycling our products after use. 

These efforts have helped us create a movement we are proud to share and look forward to continuing. 


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